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eLearning: Developing FDI Device Packages

eLearning: Developing FDI Device Packages

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Developing FDI Device Packages

Developing FDI Device Packages Course materials are provided in English, with versions available with caption support for Chinese and Japanese languages. This self-paced course introduces the FDI tool suite for EDD Developers to learn how to install, use, build, and test their new FDI Device Packages. Developers with existing knowledge of the EDD Language and pertinent details of their field instrument would benefit from this course.  Protocol used in the course is HART, however many of the lessons apply to any of our supported protocols. 

The course focuses on the following topics:

  1. Installing the FDI Integrated Development Environment (FDI IDE) software.
  2. Using the FDI IDE to create a project to develop an FDI Device Package.
  3. Modifying an existing DD to add the functionality required to successfully create an FDI Device Package.
  4. Testing, Signing, and Registering the resulting FDI Device Package with FieldComm Group.
  5. Bonus: Introduction to PA-DIM

Particular emphasis will be placed on enhancements required for FDI Device Packages including Offline Configuration, Device Health, and Digital Signatures. For a detailed syllabus, please visit our website.

The course contains ten modules.  At the completion of each module an assessment will be given that must be passed prior to beginning the next module.


Knowledge of EDDL either through prior product registration experiences, or completion of FieldComm Group's in person Device Integration - Writing EDD and Device Package Workshop.

Active license to the FDI Device Package Integrated Development Environment.

Learning Center

This course is hosted in our eLearning Center. Assessments will be used in conjunction with each topic.  Viewing each presentation, reading the associated resource materials, and passing the assessments enables a certificate of course completion for the student.


Place an order and specify the student's contact information and course language. The student will receive two emails:

  • an order confirmation email (automated).
  • an email from our staff with instructions for enrollment. This is not automated, please allow up to 48 hours for processing.

Please place one order per student. 


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