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FOUNDATION Fieldbus HSE Interoperability Test Kit

FOUNDATION Fieldbus HSE Interoperability Test Kit


HSE ITK is used for interoperability testing of HSE field devices. The kit will verify the functionality of a device and conformity to FOUNDATION Fieldbus Function Block Specifications.


  • Supports Field Diagnostic Capabilities
  • Supports Control in the Field Capabilities
  • Tests HSE device for its interoperability and its conformity to FOUNDATION function block specifications


  • HSE ITK Software CDROM
  • Hardware DESkey Dongle

System Requirements

Two PCs are required:

  • One machine for Test System
    (Windows® XP/Vista/7 [32-bit], Ethernet Network Interface card installed)
  • One machine for Test Function Block
    (Windows® XP/Vista/7 [32-bit], Ethernet Network Interface card installed)

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