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HART Server

HART Server

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HART Server is a basic user interface that is OPC compliant server software used to access real-time process and diagnostic information from HART field instrumentation. HART Server is middleware that supports HART-IP, WirelessHART, multiplexer protocols and direct connection to HART networks. The HART Server allows Host Applications to support a single interface independent of the underlying networks and I/O systems.


  • Easy “no-programming” tag-name data access
    • Digital process values and engineering units
    • Range values and other instrument properties
    • Continuous device status and diagnostics
  • Easy connection to HART Devices
    • Directly connect to HART devices
    • Connect through HART-capable I/O Systems
    • Communicate with one or thousands of HART devices
  • Powerful Client-Server Architecture
    • Ethernet-TCP/IP network access to HART devices
    • Client Application on same PC or anywhere on the Ethernet
    • Multiple clients can simultaneously access the same HART device
    • OPC Interfaces for process values and operation parameters
    • HART Pass-through interface for device specific parameters
  • Modular architecture allows for easy integration of your own I/O
  • "Browse" and "Learn" features automatically connect HART networks and devices


  • HART Server Software

System Requirements

  • PC compatible Intel Pentium
  • Windows 7 Operating System
  • OPC 1.0a Data Access

General Hardware Requirements

  • HART Modem
  • RS232 interface or RS485 converter

Free 30-day Trial

HART Server software is available in a free 30-day trial "basic" edition (no wireless or mux support). You can download the demo version HERE.

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