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Host Test Kit

Host Test Kit

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The Host Test Kit tests the functionality of a host and its conformity with the FOUNDATION Fieldbus, FDI and HART Host Interoperability Support Test Specification. The test kit is an excellent tool for troubleshooting and debugging both DD's and FDI Device Packages within a host application under development and includes all the hardware and software required to ensure a manufacturer’s host meets requirements specified by FieldComm Group’s official registration testing procedures.


  • Standardized test requirements and test cases for all hosts within a profile class.
  • Standardized DD and CF files assuring host can run DD test cases and handle offline configuration.
  • Standardized test device with all basic IO Function Blocks and specialized test transducer blocks.
  • FDI Host Conformance testing is supported by FDI Device Packages and test procedures.

System Requirements

  • Standard DD Libraries (if building custom DD files for testing purposes)
  • Communication Servers (Protocol specific)

General Hardware Requirements

  • Power Supply & Conditioner
  • H1 Cable
  • Terminators (2)
  • Wiring block
  • HART-Registered Modem


  • Standard H1 Host Test Field Device
  • Host Test Kit Files (USB Drive)
  • Standard Host Test Field Device FDI Device Packages
  • HART XMTR-MV Application

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It is highly recommended that you have the following products:

  • FDIsync Library – The Registered DD and FDI Package Libraries for HART or FOUNDATION products contain all current registered EDD files that host developers can import and test.
  • FDI Common Host Components – The source code library provides several convenience functions to make it easier for a system supplier to develop EDD-based applications.
  • FDI-IDE – The IDE provides a single, easy-to-use application for developing, testing and debugging EDDs and FDI Packages.

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